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Eric Urquhart/ 562.310.6012

Animation Reel

Live Action Reel

A Few Breakdowns

Eric Urquhart/ 562.310.6012

A Typical Workflow

Although every project sequence and shot always have their individual challenges and nuance and often require a-typical solutions, I can boil down my basic mode of operation into these steps:

1. Analyze concept art and color keys along with the camera move and other shot specifics.

2. Determine my best course of action to complete the shot work.

3. Create my elements in Photoshop, Vue, Maya, and Nuke (This is typical, I sometimes use other packages depending on the needs of the shot)


4. Using Nuke, I composite all elements into the shot using either camera projection or object texturing.


5. Finally I deliver the Nuke script to lighting/compositing complete with channels for the various elements to give the compositor additional control. I utilize Live Groups to be able to make changes and address notes and update the finished shot seamlessly.

Common Task:

Create Sequence skies

Attempt to get the most coverage with a single skydome. Delivered in full 32bit float.

Set Extensions

Create an environment when it is not cost-effective or feasible to do it with the traditional pipeline.

Software Used:
After Effects








d o

Vis Dev/ Concept Art, and some Matte Paintings

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