Eric has been a matte painter and environment artist for feature film, television, commercials, and games since 2005.  If you have gone to the movies or watched television in the last ten years, chances are, you have seen some of his work. 


He has always pursued many forms of visual art. He grew up with traditional mediums. Watercolor and charcoal are some of his favorites. 


Although he was already making somewhat of a living in art, he wanted to take it to the next level. So, off to art school, he went. 

Four years later, he graduated with a degree in digital media from Otis College of Art + Design and has spent the past 14 years as an artist in the entertainment industry.


In recent years, photography, digital paint and pixels have been his primary form of expression but he still enjoys picking up a pencil and a brush whenever he can


Currently, He is a Full-time artist with Netflix Animation Studios.